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Free Gout Report DownloadUnleash the power of a phenomenal natural gout treatment that allows you to consume purine rich foods and drinks, without ever worrying about having another gout attack ever again!

To truly gain complete control over your horrible gout symptoms, you must first purge the catalyst for the attacks and that is the uric acid or urate crystals that form in and around your affected joints.

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I want to share an interesting personal experience of mine with you.

I’ve endured a variety of symptoms along the way in gauging the way gout builds for me. Feeling aches and pains in different joints like ankles, hands, fingers, and feet is a normality so nothing new there. I don’t ever feel symptoms of gout in my knees. Urate crystals must not like my knees! But, this last time leading up to a gout attack was different. For the first time ever, I felt tremendous sensitivity in my teeth, bottom teeth to be exact! The strange part is that it would only happen when I would brush my teeth?? The bottom teeth on both sides, mostly just the back row portion would experience a painful tooth freeze for a few seconds. These are the same teeth I normally use when eating ice cream so I know it wasn’t an issue of thinning enamel, because the tooth freezing disappeared once I got my gout symptoms back under control again. Felt strange.

I also felt flu like and run down at times and experienced night sweats once or twice. I don’t know if those all were side effects but I worried about those because they would come and go and I would never end up getting sick full blown like I would with the flu. I was thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong that I needed to tone down a bit just in case I was unknowingly setting the tempo for something more serious like a heart attack or something?? I tend to be very aware of my health and always try to take care of myself as much as possible.

purine gout treatment
Food & Drink High In Purines = Gout

So, I analyzed the situation and realized that I was taking in way too much purine rich eats and drinks way too fast. If you didn’t know already, a lot of eats that are high in purines come from foods that have a lot of fat and cholesterol content, along with chemicals and concentrated amounts of sugar. Analyzing my scenario further, I also realized that in the past my gout would tend to build at a more natural pace it seemed and this was probably why I hadn’t ever felt the other 2 symptoms mentioned above. What got me going on a pathway to consuming such high volumes of purine rich gout causing foods was probably the stressful times in my life! I had been consuming heavy amounts of the things I would always consciously try to avoid like beer. For some reason I had become over-indulgent in beer and I wouldn’t normally opt to drink beer in the past because I don’t really like the taste, plus it makes me feel like crap overall. I also realized I hadn’t been drinking enough water. I also realized that aside from all the other stuff I was eating, I was consuming a lot of beef and pork and shrimp now that I’m thinking about it!

Stressed Out Brings On GoutI’d be willing to bet you that it wasn’t these actual foods and drinks that were giving me run down flu like symptoms.  I’d be willing to bet that it was the stress in my life that was causing me to feel this way, which contributes to gout symptoms by the way.  I was going through a time in my life where my business had died down substantially and I was in the process of losing my home.  Those two made for some rather sleepless nights.  I had gained a lot of weight and was very frustrated with what life was dealing me at that moment in time.  I’m sure there are other things in life much worse than this, but hypertension and anxiety from the stresses of worrying are some heavy hitters in my opinion.  I believe it was the high uric acid levels in my system due to the high amounts of purines I was taking in that were making for sensitive teeth.


I knew I wasn’t too far away from experiencing a full blown attack of gout again with the way that I was eating and drinking! I’d dealt with doctor prescribed meds before like Colchicine & Allopurinol that have those ugly scary side effects like skin rash and lesions, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, and renal failure, plus the potential to damage your kidneys and liver… Who the heck wants to deal with that when you’re already in pain to begin with??  Rather than go in that direction again, I felt it was time to do a little research to see if I could find a natural gout treatment. After searching for a while, I found something that looked like it might work. I’m a reviews shopper for the most part and this product had some pretty good reviews! Whether they were real or not was another story but by now I didn’t care because I knew that in a few days, I would probably be experiencing an acute gout attack and needed to be ready to combat it.

Gout Attack Soon

The gout treatment I had ordered arrived pretty quickly and I was safe because my gout hadn’t flared up quite fully just yet. I could feel it in the big toe joint of my right foot. Every time I would step down on it or step backwards with my toes making contact with the floor first then the heel, I would feel a jolt of piercing pain go right through it. This is when I usually know I’m on the brink. So, a couple more days passed and that’s when I was rudely awakened by a toe so tender and sensitive to the slightest pressure or weight, that I couldn’t keep the blankets on it anymore, let alone my lightweight bed sheets! I was now in battle mode!!

Treatment was about to commence.

Gout Treatment QuoteI started taking the natural gout treatment as prescribed and I kid you not – the pain symptoms and inflammation were gone inside of like 5 or 6 days!  I do have to say that during this period of recovery, the pain became agonizingly worse before it started to get better. I remember one time the pain got so excruciatingly bad for like a period of 30 or 40 minutes, that I wanted to just cut my damn foot off with a saw blade or something lol! But, that was only because the sharp built up uric acid crystals that had accumulated in the joint were being dissolved and excreted from my body, according to some information I stumbled onto while doing some research later on down the road. This gout treatment calls for you to drink a lot of water. A lot of water! At the time I didn’t know why but it is so that it can flush the uric acid from your body. All I ordered was a months supply of this phenomenal gout treatment for the first time and that knocked it out!  I saw that it worked so well, I decided to order more just so that I could stay a few steps ahead of any other gout attacks in the future.

After it was all over, I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and we got to talking about my gout. He told me I should’ve taken Aleve for it. I said, “is that right? Why do you say that?” He said that he’d known some other people from work who would suffer from attacks and that’s the gout treatment they would use when they’d get them. He told me they would tell him that it would take the pain and swelling away. That’s when I asked him, “do they still get attacks?” He says “I think so.” I asked him, “do they still get them often?” That’s when he laughed a little bit and said “yeah!”


-I haven’t had a gout attack since with the effective natural gout treatment I’m recommending to you.-

Relaxation After Treatment Of Gout

Say goodbye to harmful gout medicines forever.

You see, doctor prescribed gout medications such as Colchicine & Allopurinol only partially remove uric acid build up in your joints, aside from reducing painful inflammation. They don’t fully dissolve and excrete the urate crystallization like the gout treatment we recommend does, essentially paving the way for recurring gout attacks ongoing.  The same goes for NSAIDS like Aleve if you’ve ever used those during a gout flare.  They’re just pain relievers reducing the pain from the actual immune response that your body mounts!  All the while, the sharp needle like crystals are still there cutting away at the cartilage in your joint and that’s what leads to long term damage, of which the consequences will be irreversible later on down the road.   Just because you aren’t regularly feeling the pain and agony of a gout attack doesn’t mean the crystals aren’t doing you any injustice!

The reason that I stress to you why this is such a phenomenal gout treatment is because of the exceptional job it does in dissolving and excreting the uric acid that tends to crystallize all throughout your affected joints, something that prescription meds and NSAID’s like Allopurinol, Colchicine, & Aleve don’t do. Come to find out, Aleve can be harmful to you too! This gout remedy being natural and not being associated with any harmful, dangerous side effects that prescription meds and over the counter drugs give you is fantastic!

Gout Clean Bill Of HealthAlso, the wonderful stuff it does for your liver. I seem to have an optimally functioning liver because of this gout treatment, a bonus side effect for sure! Maybe it’s the Turmeric or maybe it’s the Milk Thistle in the formula who knows? Not too long ago, my liver was producing abnormal amounts of enzymes that could’ve led to cirrhosis if I wouldn’t have caught it in enough time. My doctor said it was potentially due to a fatty diet. I’m happy to say that since I’ve been taking this natural product, I’ve been able to eat and drink all the things that would’ve previously caused me painful attacks, while still controlling and managing my gout symptoms!

Think about this for a second; Once you’ve gotten your gout under control using the gout treatment we recommend, you can continue on with your normal purine rich gouty diet without skipping a beat, while the natural gout remedy works in stealth mode, giving your kidneys the urate crystal dissolving advantage they need in order to continually wipe out the potential for recurring painful gout symptoms completely, without dangerous harmful side effects!  This is the way they should be working naturally, but somewhere along the way in our lives we are subjected to what our genetics make us prone to and in this case, our bodies reach a point where they cannot properly metabolize uric acid anymore like they once did before we started having to contend with gout.  Our kidneys simply don’t have the ability to crush our gout symptoms by dissolving and excreting the very urates from the uric acid that accumulate in our joints and body tissue, all because of the purine high diets we consume. That’s why this natural gout treatment I highly recommend is such a beautiful thing!


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Questions and Answers

Acute gout treatment? I suffer from acute gout attacks and have done so for a number of years. I have heard of many home remedies which help the symptoms. I am looking for some advice on how to prevent and minimize the affects of this really painful condition. Thank you.

Posted by Scoreboard
The reason you’ve had to live with the awful pain of gout for years is because those urate crystals that trigger the gouty inflammation are still built up within your particular affected joint.  Those gout drugs prescribed by doctors are only temporary fixes that mask the pain by suppressing the enzymes that are involved in the process of inflammation.  None of them are designed to get rid of the urate crystals that have already formed within your joints.  The longer you depend on those medications, the more urate crystals accumulate within the joint and the easier it is for them to trigger another round of painful gout attacks.  In order to overcome that problem once and for all, it requires strong discipline and determination plus the correct understanding about how gout comes about.  Every disease has a root, and once you have figured out what causes the formation of urate crystals, you will automatically understand what you should do to reverse the process.  The most effective method is to cut out the amount of purines you are consuming in your diet, first and foremost.  Second, get the phenomenal natural gout treatment we are highly recommending to everyone.  Third, as soon as you get it start taking it as directed and make sure you drink plenty of water with it so that it has what it needs to flush out the dissolved urate crystals from your joints.  Lastly, consider establishing a long term maintenance program for your gout condition.  Seeing as that gout sufferers no longer have the ability to excrete uric acid properly, you’re going to want to have the treatment on stand by because you most likely will go back to eating a purine rich gouty diet.  But, it won’t be a problem anymore because you will be armed with the necessary stuff to combat what happens due to those types of dietary choices!  Yes we said it…….. you will be able to eat as purine rich as you once did and not come down with a gout flare up as long as you have this natural treatment on hand.

Any alternative treatments for gout pain if nsaids are bad for you?

Posted by Slimfit
Absolutely! The alternative pain reliever we recommend works hand in hand with the gout treatment and both are natural remedies. You can go here to get it.

Is this gout treatment really that good? I’ve heard that once you start taking medication, you can end up always having to take it as there is no real cure. My big toe is very inflamed and sore and the swelling seems to be spreading to the whole foot – I need to find something quick.

Posted by goutback
Just to clarify, the gout treatment we are recommending is not a pharmaceutical medication of any kind that can only be prescribed by a medical doctor. This is a natural alternative to the dangerous prescription gout medications that can be harmful to your body and damaging to your kidneys and liver and yes, it is that good! As stated previously, it works by dissolving the built up salt like urate crystals that have formed in your big toe joint, then excreting them from your body – something that medications don’t do. You have the classic symptoms of a gouty foot on fire! What you are experiencing is the immune response your body mounts when it’s trying to get rid of those urate crystals. They are sharp and tend to irritate the cartilage in the joint as they’re being purged. The natural gout treatment alternative we recommend will fix you right up and get you on a path to proper management.  If you have Tophus where the uric acid crystallizes and forms big lumps that break the skin often, then you might want to go see a doctor first for that as that would require surgery. Do it soon because they get worse, destroying your joints and may have the potential to damage organs.  You should find out more about what gout is and what causes gout.

Why did the guy in the story want to do something so harmful to himself?

Posted by acupoint
Why did I do this you ask?  Because, I needed to know that I was not constantly on the cusp of a potential gout attack like I thought, that had me preoccupied subconsciously all the time. I also needed to know how well it was working for the purpose of confident recommendation to many gout symptoms sufferers. I’ve had friends that would do a couple weekends of hard alcohol, beer drinking, carne asada tacos, or Polynesian barbecue and would quickly wind up with terrible symptoms of gout in their knees, ankles, and/or feet and still have to go to work on Monday, before turning them on to the natural gout treatment I highly recommend. They most likely had a tremendous build up of uric acid crystals in the affected areas of their bodies that was never given the chance to be removed, essentially bringing on the effects of searing, agonizingly painful gout symptoms over and over again.  But, that’s the point I’m trying to make. These razor like urate crystals that aren’t being dissolved and excreted are the ones that periodically bring on gout flares by cutting up the joint tissue as they are being removed, because of your body mounting that immune response I was talking to you about earlier.