About Gout Powerhouse

Gout Powerhouse was created by a group of former gout sufferer’s who themselves would have to contend with painful episodes in the past for one reason or another.  Some of us due to pain medications and others diet (mostly diet).  Once we found that we no longer had to suffer needlessly, we decided to make a natural alternative to gout treatment that we had stumbled onto known to the world.  As opposed to the harmful prescription gout medications available today that have those scary dangerous side effects, this treatment being a completely natural one is awesome and works so much better at removing uric acid crystallization – without the harmful side effects of prescription meds!

Gout Powerhouse was designed with one thing in mind… to help bring awareness to a lesser known about influence behind gout symptoms and attacks which are urate crystals derived from uric acid but more so, to let gout sufferer’s know that there is a gout treatment available that was formulated with powerful natural ingredients to dissolve uric acid crystallization found in affected joint tissue so that it doesn’t continue to accumulate, something that today’s pharmaceutical medications are not designed to do.  This natural gout treatment also goes a step further to boost the ability of your kidneys, once again giving them the power to excrete the very uric acid crystals that are paining you as we speak!

Eventually, people who are prone to suffering from gout lose the ability to effectively excrete uric acid.  Fortunately, there is a wonderfully effective treatment that will do the job right and we want to make sure that all gout sufferer’s know about it!